Remember Those New Year’s Resolutions?

It was about three months ago I sat at the counter in my Dad’s house before anyone else was awake {including the dog} sipping on a cup of hot lemon water and writing about New Year’s resolutions, or as I like to call them, goals.

This morning I’m sitting at that same counter sipping on a cup of Irish breakfast tea because the lemons I bought went bad and am rereading that post. I was all prepared to write that I completely bombed my goals on that list — and then I realized that was my “gremlin” talking.

My thought process quickly turned around, and realized that while I might have not taken my vitamins daily for the past month, or given up highly caffeinated coffee as a planned,  but overall, I’m not doing as bad as I think.

If I wrote this two or three weeks ago, I likely would have beat myself up over not keeping to that list as strict as I would have liked. Instead, I realized I am working toward my overall goal of “feeling better” — and I credit that to my new work with Anne Gregson, an Adirondack-based life coach, who works with clients all over the country.

As soon as I met Anne at Willows Bistro about a month ago, I knew it would be great to work with her. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a “counselor” to “feel better,” when in the end it just made me feel worse. Looking back, I think it’s because what I’m looking for is the encouragement to move forward and get a better idea of what I want to do in life,  and in my experience those people have always wanted to look back.

Working with a life coach was something I likely would have never thought of, but really considered after hearing success stories of some pretty awesome women I’ve come to know over the past year, or so. They really convinced me, it’s not some new age way of thinking that’s going to drain my bank account and energy.

Instead, it’s someone who listens to what’s being said, doesn’t judge and pushes me to really explore what I’m saying and doing. It’s also not overly time consuming. One hour a week with optional “homework” assignments. That “homework” is meant to make you explore and think about yourself, so it’s actuallly really fun.

This morning when I started to beat myself up, I realized that although I may not have ditched the caffeine habit completely, I did take a giant leap toward keeping my resolutions by making the decision to work with Anne.   

In a move that’s a little atypical of this website, I’m going to be sharing my life coaching experience — the good, the bad, the fun, the happy, the not-so-happy and everything in between. I hope you enjoy the journey! 

You can find out more about Anne on her website or Facebook page.

Disclosure: I am receiving complementary or discounted services during the life coaching process. These posts, however, are my honest experiences, feelings, original content and information.

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