No “Pink Slime” for Some Adirondack Supermarkets

In what was a very smart move, at least two upstate New York-area supermarkets announced the much hyped “pink slime” will not be found on their shelves.

Hannaford Supermarkets and Price Chopper Supermarkets, two of the most predominant grocery stores in the Adirondack region, took to their social media channels announcing the news.

“Good morning Facebook. We know many of you have been following
the conversations about Lean Finely Textured Ground Beef (known in news reports
as “pink slime”),” Hannaford wrote on their Facebook page.

They continued: “We have heard you on this topic and we’re making a change. We
have decided to eliminate any ground beef from our offering that includes LFTB
or BLBT (or, more simply, all the beef products potentially connected with
recent news reports). The change is currently underway. Thank you for all of
your comments and questions – online and in the store – as always, we welcome
any additional ones you might have!”

A short while later, Price Chopper, also made sure consumers knew their meat never used Lean Finely Textured Beef or Boneless Lean Beef Trimmings, also known as “pink slime.”

They posted this on their Facebook page:  “A recent television expose revealed
that many supermarket chains mix Lean Finely Textured Beef or Boneless Lean Beef
Trimmings, sometimes referred to as ‘pink slime’, into their ground beef. Price
Chopper is proud to confirm that we do not.”

On their website, a statement also reads:  “Price Chopper ground beef NEVER contains any fillers, additives, Lean Finely
Textured Beef or Boneless Lean Beef, also referred to as “pink slime”, and is
freshly ground at each of our stores several times daily. Additionally, all of
the branded packages of fresh ground beef that we sell, whether organic or not,
are also void of fillers, additives, LFTB and BLBT.”

Although I’m a vegetarian, and don’t eat meat, I do buy and cook it for others, so this is comforting information to know.

Good job, Hannaford and Price Chopper!

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