Crème Brulee at Chez Yasu

I almost never order crème brulee and absolutely never ever make it at
home, because I know me —  a blow torch and sugar will not mix well. But, on the
advice of a local professional we were dining with I tried the one at Chez Yasu.

Oh, my goodness! So good! 
I’ve never had a crème brulee that had such crispy and
caramelized top, but wasn’t burnt – or was on the edge of a burnt taste. And,
the creamy part – you couldn’t ask for a tastier crème. It wasn’t too sweet,
had a heavy, but fluffy flavor. I savored every bite. 

So, I know what you might be thinking, as a vegetarian, it
might have been the only thing I could eat at a French restaurant in Kansas, so that’s why I thought it was so

While the menu was prefixed, because we were there as part
of a pet media tour, they made a special meal for those of us who were vegetarians. 
The served us thick, unpeeled slices of eggplant that just
melted in your mouth as soon as you slid it off your fork. It tasted baked, but
was so juicy and flavorful that you know they just didn’t throw a few slices on
a bake sheet and pop it in the over. There was definitely something else going
In addition to some great food, their customer service was
pretty impressive. My wine or water glass was never empty – one of the servers
was always making sure they were full.

It’s also just a cute little place in general. You would never know a New York City-like restaurant was inside by look at it from the exterior. 

While I can’t speak about their regular menu items, what we
had was excellent.

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