Breakfast Omelet at Longshots in Lake George

When I saw Tina from Tina’s Hair Affair a few weeks ago during the Lake George Winter Carnival, she told me I absolutely had to check out Longshots in Lake George for breakfast. She specifically mentioned how delicious the hash browns were.

Since I had slept way` late and really didn’t feel like cooking, we figure why not try it out this morning. I ordered a cheese omelet with tomatoes because it came with the hash browns, and had a bottomless cup of coffee to wash it all down.

When the breakfast came, Tina was correct — the hash browns which are really cut up potatoes are pretty darn good. Along with onions, they have a seasoning on them that I can’t exactly place but gives them a distinct taste with a touch of sweetness. Plus, they’re not over or undercooked, which tends to happen with many places when they use whole, cut potatoes for breakfast instead of shredding or slicing them.

This was a really good omelet, and as many readers know, I don’t eat eggs on a regular basis. It was thick and fluffy and the tomatoes were cook, but not mushy, while the cheese was melted perfectly over and in the egg.

The prices were pretty reasonable, too. If you have kids, don’t let the fact it also has a bar and OTB {Off Track Betting} on the property discourage you from going. They are all separate rooms, and this will likely one of the most affordable breakfast places you’ll find within walking distance.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast Omelet at Longshots in Lake George

  1. Looks good. Except…. those are home fries, not hash browns. huge difference lol
    Sorry just one of my pet peeves, I hate when i go somewhere and order hash browns and they give me home fries instead.

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