Soup’s On at Willows Bistro in Warrensburg

There’s nothing like a warm bowl of homemade soup on a cold Adirondack afternoon.

But, this time, it wasn’t my kitchen where I was enjoying warm spoonfuls of deliciousness, it was at Willows Bistro in Warrensburg, N.Y.

About 10 minutes north of Lake George Village you will find Willows Bistro, a small, quaint cafe that makes you feel like you’ve been there a million times before even if it’s your first time.

The hand-painted tables and chairs along with the local art on the walls make it a great place to get some inspiration.

I stopped in on Saturday afternoon for a meeting with certified life coach and artist Ann Gregson {more on that very soon}. I started out with some coffee — vanilla macadamia nut — that tasted as good as it smelled when you went to take a sip.

The menu has a great variety of vegetarian friendly sandwiches, wraps and paninis, but on a day when there was snowflakes falling outside the window the obvious choice for lunch was a bowl of owner Debbie Swan’s homemade soup.

Saturday’s soups were lentil or a leek, okra and barley one. I picked the lentil, which was vegan and gluten free. While snowflakes were falling outside the window, this was the perfect comfort food to be eating.

The lentils were soft, but not mushy as were the carrots and the diced tomatoes were a very nice addition.

I’m so glad Ann suggested this place, and I can’t wait to go back again to try one of their sandwiches.

8 thoughts on “Soup’s On at Willows Bistro in Warrensburg

  1. Michelle, thanks for reminding me! I have been to Willows, right here in my own backyard, but it's been awhile. I'd better get back there. Usually when I take a liking to a place in Warrensburg, it's gone before I can get back!

  2. Hi,sounds wonderful. Makes me home sick. I live in
    West Michigan but grew up in the Adirondacks in Ticonderoga. I stopped by from
    Vintage Wanna be Blog Hop.
    Very happy to be your newest follower.

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