Raisin Bread French Toast

On New Year’s Day I went to breakfast at Steve’s Place — a great little diner and restaurant in Glens Falls, N.Y. There is always a little sadness when I’m there, because we discovered the eatery about 20 years ago when my great-grandmother was in the hospital. In fact, it took me until just recently to go back there.

Being that I only eat eggs on occasion, other breakfast food like French toast and pancakes can get boring, but sometimes the flavored items are a bit too much when you order them out. That said, I decided to try their raisin French toast anyway.

Oh my gosh! So good! Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take a photo of the three perfectly cooked slices, but I did recreate it at home the next day.

All I did was pick up a loaf of raisin bread at the supermarket and used my Dad’s French Toast recipe. If you decide to do this, make sure you’re using raisin bread and not cinnamon raisin, because it tends to not have as many raisins or flavor. I sprinkled some extra cinnamon over the toast once it was done.

I was thinking about what other types of French toast would be good to try? I’ve done wheat bread and it came out terrible, as did the slice of Italian bread I tried the other day. What about homemade banana bread done as French toast?

Would love to hear your ideas and how you make it!

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