Juice It Up at Cafe R in Midtown Manhattan

One of my New Year’s goals was to go back to juicing. I spent a lot of money on fruit, but I felt much better when I was doing it. Enter new work schedules, zero time in the morning and spending time straightening my hair every morning won out over spending 20 minutes making juice and cleaning the machine.

So far, I’ve been doing well with it. Although it’s not as fresh, I’ve been juicing it at night and then having it for the next two days. Well, this morning, I was running late for my train and didn’t have time to grab my apple, pear and grape juice.

I was kind of bummed. Until, I saw a sign for fresh juice at Cafe R in midtown while walking from Penn Station to the Subway.

They make a fabulous fresh apple, carrot and orange juice mix. Sweet, not bitter and good flavor balance.

I did get a few looks on the subway from people holding their Starbucks cup, but this tasted much better than a sugar-filled coffee drink. One similarity I had in common with them was the price. The drink cost $5. I guess the resolution of not spending money on morning beverages was not kept. šŸ˜‰  

If you go: Cafe R is located half way between Penn Station and the 34th Street PATH station at 119 West 31 St. They also have a wide-variety of foods that will likely appease the most pickiest eater. It’s also clean, modern and has space — something you don’t always find in Manhattan.

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  1. So strange… I thought I left a comment but it must have disappeared. I work so close to cafe r but had no idea they had a juice bar (they do have amazing salads there though). Thanks for sharing!

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