Crumbs Rule at Gambles Bakery

I stopped at Gambles Bakery in Queensbury for the first time Saturday, despite the fact I’ve driven past their green and white sign out front that reads, “Bakery and Eatery” about a ba-zillion times. I went in for a few hard rolls. I left with them, as well as a small piece of crumb cake, a raspberry crumb bar, cinnamon raisin buns, a black and white cookie and a chocolate dipped almond pastry.

The hard rolls were, well hard. Very hard. Granted it was almost closing time when I went in, but I was still a little disappointed. the black and white cookie was good, and definitely one of the better ones I’ve tried around here.

But, the clear winners here were the sweet bakery treats above. The crumb bun had a soft bottom with a very good amount of crumb topping that was also on the softer side and melted in your mouth as you took a bite. The chocolate on the almond pastry wasn’t overly sweet and the pastry itself was crunchy on the outside with a semi-chewy inside.

And, the raspberry crumb bar — oh, wow. I could literally taste the ingredients, because of the freshness. It was like they had just come out of the oven. The bottom was almost like what you would find on that of a bar cookie — buttery and semi-hard. It was topped with what tasted like homemade raspberry jam, and a  crunchy crumb mixture finished it off. So good!

If you go, just know they don’t accept credit cards, so make sure have cash.

4 thoughts on “Crumbs Rule at Gambles Bakery

  1. Oh to find a good bakery is hard to do now days with the mass produced sweets getting our attention. That raspberry crumb bar and chocolate dipped pastry look really good.

  2. They were really good!

    I totally agree with you about the mass produced sweets getting our attention. In some cases, it's also changing our tastes.

    For example, I always argue with my Dad about this. He loves the packaged cupcakes from Tasty Cakes and those types of brands, but doesn't like homemade cupcakes too much. He says it's because he doesn't like the store-bought icing. Then I have to remind him that he's eating a very similar icing on the packaged ones! I think it's one family battle I'm never going to win.

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