Preparing Holiday Cookies for Gifting

You take special care while preparing the perfect batches of holiday cookies, so why shouldn’t you do the same when packaging them to share with friends and family?

Here are some tips on creating fun cookie gift presentation.

Find a Cute Container

During the holidays, skip the aluminum foil covered paper plates and spring for something a little more festive. I picked these up at Wal-Mart and snatched up several types of holiday treat boxes while shopping in Target and Wegmans.

Layer Them by Softness

To best ensure the cookies won’t get completely crushed in transit, especially if you’re mailing them, put the harder cookies on the bottom and the softest ones on top.

Separate Layers by Cookie Type

Use wax paper to put a small layer between different types of cookies to keep any outer decorations, like powdered sugar from inadvertently coating your other cookies. 

Seal It Up

We all love the flavors of the season, but sometimes they get a little too strong and if left can overpower the others in the box. To avoid this, put them in a small, sealed bag to contain the smell before putting them in your cookie box.


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