Bakers Gather in NY for Holiday Cookie Swap

What do you get when a bunch of people who don’t know each other, but love to bake get together in New York around the holidays? One really giant cookie swap!

Hosted by Bloggers Without Borders, the annual cookies swap featured more than four long tables filled with every type of cookie you could imagine — sweet ones, savory ones, gluten-free treats and tons of creativity.

The 60 plus people who attended the Sunday afternoon soiree at Hill Country Barbeque in Manhattan each brought a dozen or more cookies to display and then were given a large container to fill with as many cookies as they could fit in it without busting open.  

With all the amazing choices, I did cheat and snatched up more than just the gluten-free treats.

By far my favorite was one I would never think if baking — an olive oil rosemary cracked pepper cookie with blue cheese. Oh. My. Gosh. Soooo good! Unfortunately, I don’t know who made it, but I’ve already started looking for similar recipes I can play around with.

It was so fun meeting people with a similar appreciation for baking, foods, eating healthy and trying new things. Several of us even talked about setting up some meet ups where we can try new restaurants and attend future food events.

You can see more photos from the event in our Facebook album

Do you participate in cookie swaps around the holiday? 

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