Snow Garden

Last weekend, the Northeast was hit with an unusual pre-Halloween snow storm. It was very weird. I was at my Dad’s in New Jersey and wow did we get hit. You know the story about “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”?  Well, I completely thought that’s what the weather forecasters were doing.

Snow in October? No way!


Believe it or not, I went out and picked what was left of the basil in the middle of the snow storm. Thanks goodness no one got photos of that!

Surprisingly, there are a few eggplants left on the plants, several tomato flowers and the kale is going strong.

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6 thoughts on “Snow Garden

  1. I'm so glad I found this blog today (WW). I love the Adirondacks…I'm very fortunate to spend time in the summer on Schroon Lake. Post http://www.tamiweingartner.net/2011/08/polka-dots-and-blue-skies.html and also went to Saratoga for some Polo http://www.tamiweingartner.net/2011/08/saratoga-polo.html

    You live in a truly spectacular part of our country. I hope to spend many more summer nights in the Adirondacks! I followed your blog I can not wait to see what shows up in my 'Reader' from you.

  2. For us (on Halloween), for the most part of the day it was 70 degrees, but it became chilly once it started getting dark

    I can't believe your Kale is holding up! If my kale gets within a 10 foot radius of my freezer it "freezes to death."

    I am really jealous that you got snow. I smell it in the air here, I am just waiting for it to come. The weather around here is so unpredictable. Last year in a 24 hour period, it went from 80+ degrees, to hailing, to sleeting & rain, to snow-snow-snow. It was insane.

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