A Quick Tader Joe’s Bender

There should be a Trader Joe’s within a short drive of everyone’s house. If you have one near you, or have been to one, you know what I’m  talking about. If you haven’t, you need to stop by one. I’m lucky that there is one on my way to and from the Adirondacks, and a larger one right near my eye doctor’s office.

Still, I don’t get there much, so when I do I stock up on some favorites and try some new stuff. Today, I had a problem with my eye and had to go to my eye doctor, and of course I had to stop in for a quick look.

I ended up walking out of there with $40 plus worth of groceries. Here are some of them —

The breads, hummus and almonds are old favorites, but I’m really excited to try their pumpkin butter, fig butter and gluten-free granola. Tonight I’m making their artichoke ravioli in a cream sauce and will post photos and the recipe tomorrow.

Do you have a favorite place you like to shop, but don’t get to often enough?

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