Post-Thanksgiving Festivities

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Ours was actually a lot of fun — totally not what I was expecting, or wrote about the other day.

We did end up making turkey and way more food than any of us could eat, which means tons and tons of leftovers.

We visited my mom in the nursing home, where my dog Toby was, of course, the center of attention.

When we left, we headed back to my Dad’s where I needed to heat up a few things for dinner and make gluten-free crunchies to go on the green-bean casserole. It was my first attempt at them and they came amazing! I’ll share how to make it next week. You will never buy the canned again after tasting these. (Sorry Frenchs!)

Since my grandparents live next to my Dad, we opened this bottle of Cabernet Franc from Stonington. It’s a Connecticut winery that my best friend Kelly and I randomly visited a few years ago while on a girls weekend.

It s a very dry red. I liked it, but my Dad thought it was, “alright.”

My aunt and uncle stayed at my Dad’s too last night and this morning we made an awesome brunch of pancakes, eggs, bacon, warm maple syrup and hot coffee. It’s always so much fun to have guests stay over! I was lucky enough to work remotely today, so although I was doing work, I also got  to spend time with everyone.

Hope your Thanksgiving rocked!

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