New York Giants Tailgating Cupcakes

These New York Giants tailgating cupcakes were so fun to make, and were the perfect addition to tailgating before Sunday’s game against the Philidephia Eagles. But, you don’t need to be at the stadium to enjoy them — make them for your next Giants game-day party!

I usually use my Wilton pastry bags and tips to decorate, but I was crunched for time so I tried the Betty Crocker Easy Flow Icing Blue, which comes with four different tips. It was awesome — great control, good flow and zero mess!

To make these, I took a white cake mix, prepared it according to the box directions, and added blue food coloring to it. I used the blue color from the Wilton icing color kit.

While they were baking I practiced drawing the logo on a piece of paper with a pen and then using the easy flow icing, I practiced several time on a paper towel.

Once the cupcakes are completely cool, frost them with a white icing — I used a vanilla flavored whipped icing. Then draw the logo on the cupcake. The smoother the frosting is, the easier it becomes to write on the cupcakes. I wanted them to have a homemade feel, so I deliberatly used a regular butter knife, and didn’t smooth it completely.

To transport them. I used a disposable broiler pan — easy clean up and didn’t need to worry about having to take it back home on the train. 

Here are three quick videos I recorded on Tout showing step-by-step how to decorate these.

And, here were are at the game! The cupcake even made it in the photo 🙂

I’m in the center with the NY hat on.

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