My Day as a Keratin Hair Model at Tina’s Hair Affair

I’ve always been afraid of trying all the new services out there to tame my curls. Chemical straighteners, Brazilian blowouts, harsh chemicals — it all scared me. So, instead I would spend what felt like a gazillion hours straightening my hair every morning before work.

Then, last December, Tina at Tina’s Hair Affair in Lake George, N.Y., suggested I try a Keratin treatment. Don’t you have to wear a mask to put that on? Isn’t that crazy expensive and will hurt my hair? No, and no.

Keratin Complex is a smoothing therapy that uses natural keratin protein to rebuild, restore and rejuvenates all hair types. And, it has completely changed my life. 

It used to take me a half hour or more to straighten my frizzy, curly hair, and now it’s under 10 minutes, and that’s just because I’m picky about the way it looks. It also feels healthier, smoother and softer. 

So last weekend, when Tina asked me if I would be her hair model for a Keratin class she was teaching, I jumped at the opportunity. 

In addition to getting my
hair done by a professional, (and what girl doesn’t love that?)
I also had the chance to really learn about the product, company and
science behind it, because that’s what she was teaching the other stylists.

I won’t bore you with the details, bit since it’s adding something that’s naturally found in hair, it makes way more sense to do this relaxation process over others out there. Plus, I’m very sensitive to smell and harsh chemicals, and this has almost no smell and has never bothered me.

Yes, I received a free treatment during the class, but I’ve always paid for this service at Tina’s in the past and keep going back because it works. It has made me love my hair — something I never thought would be possible because every frizz reducing product out there never really worked for me.

If you’re in the Lake George area, or anywhere remotely close (I know people who come from Albany and I pick Tina’s over any salon I’ve ever been to in Manhattan) you must stop in for a consultation and see if Keratin is right for you. Plus, Tina just rocks – she’s also responsible for finding me a hair color and style I love.

If you’re not in the area, learn more about Keratin Complex on their website and find a trained stylist near you.  

6 thoughts on “My Day as a Keratin Hair Model at Tina’s Hair Affair

  1. I was a hair model a couple years ago for Liscio Japanese Straightening in NYC. I was in the salon for a total of 9 hours but OMG, the treatment was insanely good. My normal thick, wavy, coarse hair would air dry silky and straight; for about 7 months.
    I just got Chi Ultimate Blowout done and it is good, but not nearly as good as the Japanese straightening. I'll have to look more into the Keratin.
    Thanks for the post and info!

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