Disastrous Cream Sauce

Everything that could have gone wrong last night when I was trying to make my cream sauce for my artichoke ravioli did — and it all started with my Dad who when I told him what I was making said he makes the perfect cream sauce and I should try it.

After raising some concerns about his method, I decided against my gut, to try it. Big mistake. Four cloves of garlic, a glass of wine and a container of half-and-half later, I still didn’t get to try my ravioli that I was looking forward to all day.

His method was to saute a little garlic and oil and then add the cream. Bring it to a boil and then simmer. Yeah… totally didn’t work. It simmered … and simmered …  and simmered…

I’m going to try it again tonight — but with a different cream sauce. Any advice?

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