Butternut Squash Mousseline at The Carlton

Always trust the bartender. Well, at least if he’s the one pouring drinks at the lobby bar inside The Carlton.

Yesterday was a long, packed day with work and a bunch of pet related events. I had just left a charity event hosted by Cocktails that Care {more on that later} and was starving. The Carlton was right across the street. Totally convenient. Plus, walking in and seeing several empty seats, as well as an open plug to charge my dead Blackberry helped with my decision to stop in for a drink and a bite to eat.

After ordering a glass of chardonnay and looking over both the bar menu and the regular restaurant menu, I still wasn’t sure what I wanted. A vegetarian in a full-out French seafood brasserie doesn’t always end well. But, I did see what I thought was butternut squash fries, which I have been wanting to make, or try, ever since my friend told me that’s what she was going to make from the ones I gave her from my garden.

I read the menu wrong and it was actually butternut squash mousseline. The bartender assured me it was one of the best things they make. He said it was whipped and absolutely amazing.

He was correct.

It was smooth, creamy, sweet and almost tasted a little pumpkin pie-ish. You could taste the fall inspired seasonings, and another spice that I couldn’t identify. It was also incredibly rich.

You can bet that I’m going to try and recreate this for Thanksgiving. 

If you’re in the Murray Hill area of Manhattan, stop in and try the $8 side dish that if you’re a meat eater, would I’m sure pair well with a good steak. Although I stuck with my chardonnay, a lighter wine like a pinot would be perfect with this.

The lobby bar is also a great, low-key spot perfect for relaxing after a long day, grabbing a post-dinner date drink or bringing a client

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