Weekend Eats: The Good & The Bad

Over the past several days I made some really good, and really bad food. It started Thursday night with what was supposed to be an apple and peach pie and ended last night with sauteed kale with garlic and beer. Needless to say, neither of them came great, but oddly enough for the same reason.

In between there was sweet sauce, hot baked ziti and yummy pancakes.

Using a recipe based off my peach puff squares, I decided to try making a peach apple pie. Mostly, because, well… I had both peaches and apples and they were about to go bad. I was so excited about the topping I had played around with.

Everything looked great, until I went to put away all the ingredients. Instead of lemon juice, I grabbed lime juice. They’re both citrus, so I’m sure it wouldn’t impact the taste, too much, right? Yeah, not so much.

The crust was flaky and the topping was the perfect balance of sweetness, but the inside was tart. And, it wasn’t just because of the apples I used. I could taste the lime juice, and it wasn’t good.

On to Saturday.

After Oktoberfest, we came back to the house and I threw (at some points literally) together homemade sauce and meatballs, cooked up some sausage and made a baked ziti. I don’t think I’ve ever made a dinner that fast in my life.

For the meatballs, I cracked an egg and poured some Italian flavored bread crumbs in with the ground meat, mixed and started rolling. After a little time under the broiler, they came out surprisingly good, as I was told. (You can see how I made the sausage in this previous post)

Unfortunately, we all fell asleep while it was in the oven. Thank goodness I heard the timer, but it needed longer, so I put it back in . Repeat 2 or 3 times. Once it was finally done, we were all passed out so I let it sit and cool. Finally, I woke and put it away. About 10 minutes later, everyone else woke up, so we pulled out the casserole dish and heated it up. At least it didn’t burn!

Before the ziti went in the oven.

My attempt at pancakes for breakfast on Sunday went a whole lot better than the weekend before, when I was sure the squirrels were going to throw the pancakes back at me after I threw the leftovers in the woods.

I kept it very simple and used the first recipe I found doing a Google search for “pancakes.” They came pretty fluffy and flavorful.

Last night, I decided to pick some kale from the garden and try sauteing it with three cloves of garlic and since we happened to have some leftover beer that was going flat I threw some in. It came OK, but the kale was a little bitter. To combat it, I really needed some fresh lemon juice, which I didn’t have.

That darn lemon juice! 🙂  While it didn’t come out terrible, the kale also wasn’t great. It also didn’t go well with the leftover ziti I was reheating. That recipe is going to need a little work.

What have you cooked — good or bad — in the past week?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Eats: The Good & The Bad

  1. Funny you should ask…tonight I made the worst broccoli soup I've ever had, much to my surprise, because it was a recipe from someone I know who is a great cook. However, at the same meal I made a "spiderweb" I saw in a Halloween cookbook/magazine made from refrigerated breadsticks and shredded cheese, and that was fun and tasty. You win some, you lose some! 🙂

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