Views From Prospect Mountain

The past few weeks have been busy — traveling to Atlanta for a conference, then Orlando to Disney World and this weekend we brought my aunt from Staten Island up to the Adirondacks. Two words: So fun!

My great-grandmother was her father’s sister, so she’s been coming up to Lake George since she was a young girl, too, but hasn’t been here for more than 20 years. Obviously, a lot of things have changed. We took a little tour around the area — driving up Prospect Mountain, passing through Bolton Landing and taking a stroll through The Sagamore.

It was unusually beautiful this weekend — not a cloud in the sky. Plus, the leaves are perfect — some areas have changed while others still have at least a week or two until they are there.

The photo above was taken on the road up to the top of Prospect Mountain. It was so interesting to watch the change of leaves there. At the bottom everything was green and as you went higher the leaves began to change color.

And, the sky — not a cloud in it. It was so beautiful! You can see more photos on our Facebook page page.

Our day was capped off with eggplant rollatini made from vegetables grown in my garden, homemade sauce and of course some red wine. Cooking for my aunt was so nerve-racking, because she is one of the best cooks I know! Thanks goodness it all came out OK.

Hope you had a happy Saturday!

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  1. Hey I am a new follower. I found your blog through a blog hop. With the word Adirondack I knew I must stop by as I too live very close to these lovely mountains. Thanks for sharing pictures of lake George. I might just have to try your eggplant rollatini also.

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