National Chocolate Day: My Top 5 Favorite Chocolates

As if you needed another excuse to grab a piece of sweet, yummy chocolate, today is National Chocolate Day! My favorite is dark chocolate. I’ve found a small piece of dark, or really good, well made chocolate, satisfies my sweet cravings instantly.

Dark chocolate can also be healthy for you. It contains flavonoids, which protect cells from free radicals and can stimulate the production of endorphins.

Earlier this year my friend Vikki and I went to the Chocolate World Expo in New Jersey, and it was  amazing! There were so many different vendors, many of which were family-run businesses, which I just absolutely love. But, by the end of the day, I never wanted to see another piece of chocolate again! You can check out my story on it here.

So, in honor of National Chocolate Day, here are my top 5 favorites chocolates. Enjoy!

Barkeater Chocolates

So good! Barkeater Chocolates are handmade in the Adirondacks and you can taste the difference. What I love most is they’re not overly sweet and you can taste the flavors. Sometimes with flavored truffles or chocolates that have something in them, like peanut butter, one flavor overpowers the other. With these, they’re the perfect combination of both tastes. Another cool thing? They make vegan, dairy free and organic chocolates!

Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland

My high school history teacher got me hooked on these. Actually, I think she got most of my high school hooked on Teuscher. It was one of the stops she would always make on the Travel Club’s trip to Manhattan to see a Broadway show. I’m not sure who, I think it might have even been her, bought a box of their champagne truffles and handed one out to everyone. It was heaven at first bite. A firm outside with a soft inside that has the slightest bit of champagne taste. When I worked for Fox News Channel, their store was only about a block away. If I was having a really bad day, I would stop in for a single piece and savored it throughout the day.

Rescue Chocolate

It’s true what their website says, “the sweetest way to save a life.” Started by fellow animal lover and all around awesome gal, Sarah Gross, Rescue Chocolate donate 100 percent of their net profits to animal rescue organizations around the country. Not only do they taste good, but the vegan treats are packaged and marketed in a way to shed light on a various issues facing pets.

Gnosis Chocolate

I learned about Gnosis Chocolate earlier this year at the Chocolate World Expo I mentioned earlier. They are raw, organic, handmade chocolates that have added nutrients to promote better health. They’re also all about environmental consciousness and use post-consumer recycled and biodegradable packaging with vegetable based links. My favorite is their SuperChoc bar, — healthy and yummy!   

Trader Joe’s Sea Salt and Turbinado Sugar Sprinkled Dark Chocolate Almonds

When it comes to cost, these are likely the least expensive of the group, so I tend to keep a box in my fridge at all times. Why? Because in one or two almonds I’ve got my chocolate fix covered. They are the perfect mix of sweet and salty.  I wrote about them over the summer the morning after I tried/found them in the store, and you would have through I struck gold.  

Although these are my favorites, I love trying and finding new chocolates, so I’d love to know what your favorite is? Let me know in the comments below!

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