Make-Your-Own Ground Black Pepper

I love pepper, but I’m never buying ground black pepper again. Why? Because I’ve been making it myself, and it comes stronger, fresher and with way more flavor! Plus, it’s so, so easy!!

Wow, that paragraph sounded like an infomercial. It’s seriously not, though.

 I stumbled on this new pepper practice last Thanksgiving when I needed ground nutmeg and could only find whole nutmeg. Since I needed it for my Butternut Squash Risotto with Dried Cranberries I was bringing to a holiday party, I bought them as well as a coffee bean grinder I found for $9.99.Yeah, they had special spice grinders, but they seemed to do the same basic thing as the coffee grinder, which was way cheaper. 

It worked just fine for the nutmeg, so when I ran out of ground pepper one night, but found whole peppercorns in the cabinet, I figured why not try the coffee bean grinder. It was fabulous!

It grinds it finer than a pepper mill and is so fresh that you don’t need to use a lot. I haven’t bought ground black pepper since. And, have I mentioned how easy it is? Just put the peppercorns in the grinder, hit the button and boom, you’ve got fresh ground black pepper in seconds.

This is the grinder I happen to pick up, but anyone will work just fine.


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