The Disney Magic Lives On

A guest post by Vikki Hurley-Schubert

It’s no secret I love Disney World, so I love bringing my friends to the happiest place on Earth to share the magic.

After years of trying, Michelle finally agreed to come with me for her first visit as an adult. Mind you, this was after the bribe of a stay at her personal Mecca-Animal Kingdom Lodge, where African animals roam freely on the hotel grounds. It is also moments away from the Animal Kingdom theme park.

 We spent the day at Animal Kingdom park today, and it was like watching a kid on Christmas. Every turn was a new discovery and squeals and giggles of delight were at every corner. Her face was like a Christmas tree-lit bright and shiny, full of joy.

This is the magic of Disney.
It is pure and simple…there is something for everyone everywhere. For the kids, it is discovering Disney for the first time. For the adults, it’s rediscovering Disney for the first time as a grownup and seeing it through the kids eyes, remembering how you felt at their age, while having an appreciation for all the magic that happens.
I love coming with someone like Michelle, and rediscovering why I love Disney so much as she experiences it again as an adult during our getaway.
In our first 36 hours, there have been many magic moments. From fireworks at Cinderella’s castle to parades to musical shows in the parks, the moments have just kept coming where she is saying “wow, that was amazing.”
Even something as simple as grabbing lunch has been an amazing experience. Michelle is vegetarian, so it is a new way for me to look at Disney dining and I’ve taken it as a personal invitation to try new places and new foods, which is opening a whole new world of yummy delights.
It’s amazing for me to be able to share that magic through her, keep reading as we chronicle our adventure for many posts to come.


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