Cute Tea Cupcake Molds

How adorable are these?! Tea cupcake molds!

I picked them up last weekend at Happy Jacks in Bolton Landing, N.Y. I kept debating back and forth if I really wanted to spend $17.95 on bake and serve cupcake molds when I was trying to save money.

In midst of this internal debate, the store’s owner came over to chat and mentioned that everything in the store was on sale, because they were closing for the season in a few weeks.

Sale? In that case, I could totally justify buying them.

Plus, I knew if I walked out of there without them I was going to regret it and I’d be calling the store the next day, asking them to set a box aside for me.

If you’ve never been in Happy Jacks before, it’s got a cool, Urban Outfitters feel that fits perfectly into the trendy, but down-to-Earth and welcoming town of Bolton Landing in the Adirondacks.

I’ll definitely be stopping in there more often.  

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