Food Network’s Healthy Eats Brown-Bag Challenge Week 2

Wow, this was such a crazy week! It was a good thing I’m participating in the Food Network’s Healthy Eats Brown-Bag Challenge, because I would’ve had no time to go out and grab something.

The week started with two days of leftover Eggplant Rollatini and ended with two days of  Unintended Ratatouille. Both were gluten free, and the ratatouille was also vegan.

The rollatini I brought two serving in one large container and then took out the appropriate portion each day, but with the ratatouille, it was easier to portion it out at home and then just throw it in the microwave at work.

Not sure if you can tell from the photo above, but (both days) I may have reheated the rollatini, just a tad bit too much. It was still good, but not at good as the ratatouille. I guess because all the flavors got to soak into each other, as well as the pasta, this tasted ahhh-mazing reheated.

Last week I saw a lot of people involved in the challenge talking about snacks and what they packed. As always, I had some cherry tomatoes, but there was one night last week I was working a 12 hour straight day and was starving when 7 p.m. rolled around. So, I chopped up two green apples and topped them with warm, fresh-made organic peanut butter. It was really, really good. Someday, I will be able to afford the machine that makes this at my job. Sooooo good!

For this week, I spent a good portion of Sunday cooking items that will make great lunches. I wanted to use up the extraordinary amount of basil I’m constantly harvesting from my garden, but didn’t want to make pesto. Since the cool weather weekend had me craving risotto, I winged a vegan and gluten-free Basil and Tomato Risotto.

I also had a lot of eggplant that was about to go bad if I didn’t use it, so I breaded and fried it like I do when I make eggplant parm, but just didn’t do the parm part. Instead, I just have the patties that I can use however I want — sandwiches, by themselves or just dipped in sauce.

It’s been a blast visiting all the other websites and blogs participating in this! It’s so fun to find new inspiration and hear other people’s stories. Happy lunching 🙂

Brown Bag ChallengeWe’re teaming up with fellow food bloggers to host a Brown-Bag Challenge, a month-long initiative to eat consciously and save money by packing a lunch each weekday instead of eating out. Join us here and share what you’re eating with FN Healthy Eats on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #brownbag.

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