Food Network’s Brown-Bag Challenge

This is going to be so fun! Starting today I’m participating in the Food Network’s Healthy Eats’ Brown-Bag Challenge. The idea is each work day for the month of September you bring your lunch with you to work.

By doing this, you can control exactly what you’re eating, and not eating.

Being a broke vegetarian journalist, with a gluten sensitivity who leans toward eating vegan, I typically take my lunch with me to work, and deliberately make meals and plan ahead to not only fit my dietary restrictions, but to also save money!

Although food prices are expensive everywhere, I work in Manhattan where a salad that’s vegan and gluten free costs anywhere between $6-8, and a simple mozzarella, tomato and basil sandwich (my other favorite) costs the same. Eight dollars a day times five days … well it can add up.

For a little more than $8 I can buy rice, beans and other veggies and have a pretty nice lunch that’s always vegetarian and gluten free. It’s even usually vegan. I’m also very lucky that (at least for right now) I work in a place where they have refrigerators, toasters and microwaves, and puts out fresh fruit, healthy snacks and an endless supply of coffee, juice and water. It makes picking better choices a little easier.

That said, I also eat at my desk, so I need something that is portable, not too messy and can be left and then reheated again, if I get called to a meeting, or get busy.

Many of the dishes I make on The Adirondack Chick, are made to have leftovers and then reheated the next day for work. It’s a simple way to save time and money.

Each week, I’ll share not only what I’m eating/ate for lunch, but links to a few of my favorite dishes that make great meals and leftover lunches.

Today, for example, I’m having artichoke rice with sun dried tomatoes and chopped olives. I made it Tuesday, and then portioned it out for lunches over the next few days. Unfortunately, I don’t have the recipe on the site yet, but will soon.

I can’t wait to see what other people are eating for lunch and share stories, comments, photos and ideas. Blogging and writing is all about sharing ideas and creating community, so this challenge has me really excited to learn more and make some new blogging buddies!

6 thoughts on “Food Network’s Brown-Bag Challenge

  1. I feel like you and I have the same lunch philosophy! Love when it's leftovers and make a point to cook more so I have stuff for lunch. Can't wait to read more about your month!

  2. Leftovers for lunch are always part of my meal planning. When I don't do it I almost always end up eating something that's expensive, unhealthy, and makes me feel icky for the rest of the day – UGH!

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