Atlanta Bound!

So sorry for the recent lack of posts, but Ive been crazy busy at work! Which is why, I’m very much looking forward to a week away from reality.

Well, sort of. My itinerary is a little crazy.

I’m on my way to Newark Liberty International Airport to catch a late flight to Atlanta for BarkWorld Expo, a social media conference for the pet industry. It actually starts at about the same time I;m leaving here, but it was the best I could do. After the last session Saturday evening, I head back north arriving just after midnight.

Then, I have an 11 a.m. flight out to Orlando, where I’ll be meeting my friend Vikki and her husband in Disney World for the Food and Wine Festival! The Disney leg of this trip, will be the first non-conference or work related vacation I’ve been on in a very long time — at least three years.

OK, back to the Atlanta trip. We’re staying at the Loews Hotel, which is dog friendly and from what I understand is beautiful and I hear there are some fun places to eat and drink. Unfortunately, I’ll only be there for less than 48 hours, so the only review, or tips, that come out of it might be about the airport.

(Although, looking at the black cloud that’s come over Newark, I might be writing about the drinks in Terminal B of Newark Liberty. …)

Have you been to Atlanta? What’s your favorite memory from there?

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