“This, Is Your Garden on Steroids”

I thought my garden looked good until I saw my Dad’s the other day. Wow! The plants are out-of-control.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I bought a tad bit too many plants (really, just a tad…) and brought the rest of what I couldn’t fit down to my Dad in New Jersey, as abirthday present so he didn’t have to go buy plants for his new garden. Since I was a kid he had a 10 X 10 garden in the back of our house. But, this year, he decided in addition to that he would get 9 yards of top soil and fill-in the area where the pool I used to swim in as a kid was. He created it into the 18×18 area that you see above.

The soil must be so rich and full of nutrients, that the plants have just taken off in a really short amount of time — the garden has only been in for a month! We keep joking it’s like putting your plants on steroids.

He’s got a ton of butternut squashes, like the one below, forming and a nice-sized watermelon that he plans to pick while they are on the smaller size.

He’s even got a bunch of cantaloupes and eggplants almost ready to be picked.

As for his original garden, it’s completely overgrown. And, he added some of that new, nutrient-rich soil there, too.

By the numbers of what at least one of us have picked:
Platnt                            Me                         My Dad
Tomato                          2                                  0
Kale                              equal                         equal
Basil                              equal                         equal
Eggplant                         0                                2
Peppers                         1                                 3
Cucumbers                   0                                  3
Zucchini                         2                                 0

We’ve got about the same number of watermelons forming, but his got larger quicker. And he has way more cantaloupes than me.  His kale is huge, as is the broccoli and cauliflower plants. Mine are much smaller.

Since the plants are from the same places and literally came from the same containers, it’s gotta be the soil.

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