What’s Your Favorite Disney World Restaurant?

The last time I was to the Disney parks was in college.

One of my very close friends, Vikki is not only a fabulous journalist, food blogger for Jersey Bites and cook, but she is also a Disney travel consultant.

After several years of saying she would get me to go to Disney with her, I finally caved this last time and bought a ticket. 

Plus… the time she proposed to go just happened to be during Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival! A food and wine festival at Epcot, which also happens to be my favorite park, with my friend who a) not only knows the park like the back of her hand but also b) is a huge foodie and appreciates fine food and wine — ummm, heck yeah, I’ll go!

Our trip is about a month and a half away — the first week in October —  and I couldn’t be more excited. The last time I was to the Disney parks was exactly 10 years ago for Spring Break in college with my sorority sisters. I have been, however, to Wide World of Sports, and Downtown Disney as recently as this past March for a Spring Training game.

We’re attending two special parties while we’re there, including a dessert one, and Vikki already has reservations at several fun restaurants booked, too.

Since we’re both foodies and appreciate a good glass of wine, and a cocktail, or two, we’ll be tweeting photos from the various events, and I’m thinking of creating a tumbler to upload mobile photos. We’ll also be doing short restaurant reviews when we get back — from both our points of view! But, more on that later.

I’d love to know what your favorite Disney restaurant is, and give me suggestions on place I should go and what I should try. Also, let me know if you’ve ever been to their Food & Wine Festival and what to expect. Vikki’s been to the festival before, but it will be my first time, so suggestions are strongly appreciated!

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Disney World Restaurant?

  1. Oooooh yes, yes, and yes! So happy I just hopped over from Lady Bloggers!

    I'm actually a cast member so I'm inundated with all things Disney every day of my life. A couple of my VERY favorite Disney restaurants are Ohana at the Polynesian (All you can eat served family style with the most delicious noodles and bread pudding!!) and the newer of the Mexico restaurants at Epcot- La Hacienda de San Angel (best Mexican food and really creative margarita flavors!).

    I LOVE food and wine and get so excited when it starts up every year. There's SO much deliciousness as you make your way around world showcase, it's pretty much just a day of eating and drinking- um, yes please! Come with an empty stomach and know that there's ALOT to choose from. I tend to make the trek around the lagoon to see what all there is to choose from before digging in at each of the country kiosks. You get a sort of tapas sized portion but it can get expensive as you get little plate on top of little plate on top of dessert on top of beverage! It's a sort of cast member joke that we start saving up the month before.

    I'm sure your friend totally has everything covered, but if you have any other questions- let me know! Love helping people explore our magic little world. 🙂

    Happy to be a new follower! Can't wait to come back and see more! 🙂

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