A Deliciously Unplanned Lunch

In an effort to save money, I try to bring my lunch to work everyday. Paying $7 for a salad kills me, especially when half the time while I get back to my office it’s wilted already.

I usually make something the night before and then divide it up for the next few days. But, yesterday I hadn’t done that over the weekend, and in the morning I was running super late.

In a rush and not really thinking, I opened the freezer, grabbed two slices of gluten free white bread, opened the fridge, grabbed two slices of cheese, threw them and the tomato I happened to spot on the counter into my bag.

I figured I could at least make a sandwich, right?

Ended up being one of the best lunches I’ve had.

After toasting the bread, I layered a slice of cheese, thinly sliced tomatoes, a little salt and then another slice of cheese before topping it with the other toasted piece of bread.

The cheese melted slightly and the tomatoes just warmed a bit. It was a perfect gluten free, vegetarian and cheap lunch! And, it was satisfying!

I was pretty surprised, because I wasn’t really thinking and just threw things in the bag.

Do you take your lunch to work, or do you buy it?
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