Bread Crumb Pancakes {Traditional}

Made like this, these are likely one of the most terrible things for you to eat, but they are also very tasty.

As a kid, my mom and grandmother would always make these when there was extra bread crumbs leftover from what ever we were making. Usually it was something they were frying, like breaded eggplant, chicken or whatever.

Bread crumb cakes were a special treat, and not for everyday eating.

Basically, after you are done using your bread crumb mixture for whatever it is you’re making, you combine what’s left of the egg and the bread crumb mixture, mixing until you can form a round, 1/4 inch pancake looking thing. Sometimes you need to add a little oil or more egg to get the consistency to that point.

Then you mold them into small, flat, roundish “pancakes” and fry them in the oil turning at least once, until cooked.

Serve with hot tomato sauce for dipping.

Anyone else’s family make these?

One thought on “Bread Crumb Pancakes {Traditional}

  1. My mother used to make these also from left over bread crumbs. She was German and she used to call them footsaleys.
    Served with malt vinegar they are awesome. That was 50 years ago that she made them , and I still make to this day.
    { Yummy try it }

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