Garden 2011 Is Planted!

It only took a month, but 80 plus plants later, a lot of weed block, a good amount of rain and yards of fencing, this year’s garden is finally in! Well, technically, it’s been in since last weekend, but I’m just getting around to finally posting about it.

This year was a bit of a trip to say the least. As I previously mentioned, the people who owned my house before me had a small garden in the front of the house, but since I have a decent amount of lawn, and I could care less about grass, I wanted to finally make a larger garden in my backyard.

I also wanted to try experimenting with  more than just my typical tomatoes, zucchini, basil and peppers — which is what my garden used to only fit. I think I may have gone overboard. I bought so many plants I did a front and a back garden and brought about half of everything to my Dad as an early birthday present for him to put in his not-yet-planted garden.

One thing I cannot live without is weed block. I cover the tilled dirt with it an usually don’t have to deal with any type of weeds for the entire season. Is it garden cheating? Maybe, but it makes like so, so much easier!

Finding plants so late in the season was a tough task, until I came across Ryan’s Country Farms in Lake George.  They had a large variety of plants and the most beautiful snapdragons I’ve seen in a long time. I snatched up a bunch of plants to add to several I had purchased the day before at Agway.

On my way back I took a different route and ended up passing another new-to-me garden center with a giant trailer full of squash looking plants with a sign that said 50 percent off. I totally couldn’t pass that up! At Watkins Garden Center in Hudson Fall, I ended up buying another dozen or so plants and then decided I still wanted several other veggies that I had only seen at Garden Time in Queensbury.

There was a lot of plants! And, I needed a plan.

Tomorrow I’ll share that plan, along with tips on planting a garden using weed block, and Wednesday I’ll share with you how we fenced the larger garden in.

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