First Kayak of the 2011 Season


That’s how I felt yesterday when we finally got to go kayaking for the first time this season! Between my car and blackberry dieing (also the reason for the lack of posts), the weather and starting a new job, yesterday was the first time we finally got the chance to go kayaking.

Since it was already later in the afternoon, we decided to go to Bolton Landing and launch from the Lake George Kayak Co. (by the way, if you’re looking for a great place to buy or rent kayaks or paddle boards, this is your place!)

The water was perfect, although there was a good amount of boat traffic, which always makes me nervous! At one point it was very calm with no boats in sight that I put my feet up on the front of my kayak and lied back to soak up some sun.

Hopefully today, we’ll get some kayaking in over at Schroon Lake, which typically has a little less boat traffic, and has an area to launch your kayak from the beach.

And, if you’re wondering, yes, I do take my dog kayaking with me. You can read about that by checking out my latest post on my pet lifestyle website, My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much.

Hope you’re out enjoying this beautiful day!

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