DIY Garden Fencing

The finished fence.

I love my backyard — there’s a lot of room to add all the things I eventually want, like a pond, butterfly garden and tortoise habitat.

But, I have to share the area…with the abundance of wildlife that lives in the woods on my property, making building a fence around my garden when I planted it, a necessity.

The fence had to be durable, removable for winter storage if needed, easy to either step over or open and not too expensive. Combining the first and last requirement was the challenging part, but we did it.

And, when I say we, I mean my Dad and I. I enlisted his help for this one, because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to figure it out on my own. Plus, he’s done tons of fencing projects before.

After going from store to store to check out fencing and debating whether or not my resident groundhog could get through it, I decided on the 28-inch tall garden fencing with two different type fencing – smaller openings on the bottom to keep animals out and larger ones toward the top.

To hold up the fencing we bought 10 foot sections of  1/2 inch PVC electrical conduit. Since a 10-foot fence seemed a little extreme, we cut each one into 3, 40-inch pieces, and then spaced them strategically around the garden using a rubber mallet to drive them into the ground to match the height of the fencing.

Then, we took the fencing walked it around the outside, using electrical wire ties to secure the fencing to the polls.

 Where the two rolls meet, I created a “door” by bending the fence around the other fencing, so I can just open it when I need it. You can see below how it just crosses over the other fencing. 

So, how well does this fencing work? Knock on wood, very well as far as I can tell. Vegetables are just coming up, so we’ll see if it stays that way. I know I’ll never keep the squirrels and chipmunks that live here out, because they can scurry through tiny openings, but at least maybe some of the larger animals won’t think I planted a buffet for them.  🙂

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