For the Love of Local – Stonington Vineyards

Whenever I go somewhere I want to eat where the locals eat, buy whatever the area is known for and sip the drinks native to that location. What makes it even better is if I can bring something home with me that reminds me of the area.

Instead of t-shirts and knick knacks, I typically love to buy local wines, beers or something that’s not totally material goods.  Don’t get me wrong, I do have great shot glass collection, and enjoy local coffee mugs like the Cool-as-a-Moose one that I was drinking my coffee from this morning, which reminded me of a fabulous trip to Portland, Maine with my best friend.

But, there’s just something sweet about popping open a bottle of wine that was picked up somewhere different and remembering the fun times that were had, like what I just did with this bottle of Stonington Vineyards.

My best friend and I took a weekend trip to Connecticut a few years ago and while we were driving around on very cold Saturday afternoon in February, we saw signs for wineries. Knowing my obsession with all things local, especially wineries, we decided to just follow the signs and stop at a few of them before the evening.

We only actually tasted the wine at one of the wineries, because we were driving. Instead, we read the descriptions and asked the sales people lots of questions. Basically, we bought blindly. It was so much fun! That night we opened one or two of the bottles to try and we loved them.

Today when I uncorked this vidal blanc from Stonington Vineyard, all the memories of our trip came flooding back into my head and put such a smile on face, which after the past few weeks I really needed. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the wine’s taste — perfect for a hot summer day like today. The crisp, but dry taste is not too sweet and will go excellent with the meal (more on that tomorrow) I just made.

And, if you’re wondering, the glass has meaning, too — it was purchased at the new Yankee Stadium on the first day the team ever hit the field. My boss at the time was a season ticket holder and got tickets to the team’s first practice in the new stadium. He graciously gave them to me and a colleague. So this wine is bringing back doubly good memories. 🙂

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  1. Visiting from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party!

    I agree – I love to do the local thing when I travel. When I go to cities I try to be carless so I can walk around, take public transportation, meet the people and get the scoop on what to see. Not much of that going on in the Adirondacks though, from my experience – public transportation anyway. We go to Lake Placid a lot, and do a lot of walking there.

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