Week of Recipes Featuring Carapelli Organic Olive Oil

As I previously wrote, the folks over at Carapelli were nice enough to send me a bottle of their new Carapelli Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to try out. Yum!

It is full of fruity and lightly peppery flavor, and smooth — really really smooth. The certified USDA oil is obtained only from organically grown olives and produced according to organic farming standards. It’s perfect for marinades, over pasta, salad dressings and bruschetta.

I swapped my usual olive oil for this Carapelli one for a week, creating some really yummy new recipes that I’m so excited to share with you!

Here is a preview:

Check back each day this week for the recipes that go with these pics!

One thought on “Week of Recipes Featuring Carapelli Organic Olive Oil

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