Finally! The Start of My New Garden

I love planting a garden and being able to walk outside my door, grab a cherry tomato and pop it in my mouth. It was something my mom yelled at me for all the time when I was little, because I would never wash it.

So, when I bought my house and saw the large back and side yards, three things immediately flowed through my brain — great area for a pond, veggie garden and tortoise enclosure. After two years, finally getting one done isn’t such a bad average.

Actually, the previous owners had a garden and each year, even the first one I was here, I planted one in their space, but I really wanted a bigger one in the backyard. The one they had was in the front yard, as you can see my post about planting a no fuss garden from last year.

Yesterday, it finally stopped raining enough that after I decided on a size, we were able to till the space. It is however, still a little chilly here (been wearing shorts with long sleeve shirts and hoodies all week) and I’m hesitant to put plants in the ground since the ones last month died the night I purchased them, because of an unexpected frost.

I know it looks small from my kitchen window, but it’s about 20 x 20. Next up is getting a sheet of weed block, the plants and a border. I swear that since buying my house, I practically live at Lowes. (I think they should just hire me)

By the way, notice how I said I like “planting” and not gardening. This is because I love trying new plants, both flowers and vegetables, planting them and watching them grow, but I hate the whole weeding thing.

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