Rescue Plants

I have an addiction and it’s all my aunt’s fault, because this is one trait I definitely got from her — I rescue plants. Yes, plants.

You know the ones — they have the usually yellow sticker slapped on the side of their container with that dreaded nine letter word – “CLEARANCE.” Many times, there is nothing wrong with the plants, but for whatever reason they are clearing them out.

It makes me sad, so I almost always buy at least one. The Lowe’s near where I am in the Adirondacks is notorious for *always* having plants on clearance when I go in there — and their turnover is pretty fast, so I know if I want the plant, I better snatch it up right then and there.

All of the plants above were on clearance for only $1 – $2 a few weeks ago, and look perfectly healthy. A few days later I went back to the same Lowe’s and found strawberry plants regularly almost $10, marked down to $2. This one even has a flowers on it.

Yesterday, I ran into Lowes to look at fencing for my garden and, of course I was immediately drawn to the large metal rack that had the sign “Reduced – Prices as Marked .” They had rosemary plants for $1!!! I love fresh rosemary, but it’s so expensive to buy in the store that I usually end up with the dried stuff. It took a lot of self control to just leave with two plants instead of ten.

Forget the designer outlets that are right around the corner from me — it’s dangerous for me to walk into the local Lowe’s! Anyone else share this habit?

2 thoughts on “Rescue Plants

  1. I wish, but unfortunately my thumb is nothing but black. The word is on the street that I'm a plant killer, so all the plants TRY to look sick so that I won't buy them and kill them for real. It's sad. 🙂

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