Pepe Giallo – New York City Restaurant Review

A cute, small restaurant in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, Pepe Giallo offers tasty Italian food at an affordable price. We took a chance on this place because it was near the closing party of BlogWorld and News Media Expo last week.

It was a beautiful evening, so we decided to sit outside, which is very small and consists of a several wooden tables and chairs similar to what you would find on your back deck. I loved that they served water in a liquor bottle and rock glasses, and started you off with a basket of bread and olive oil with olives in it to dip. The bread was a bit soft, but still hit the spot.

If you’re going to order wine, I suggest ordering it by the carafe, or half carafe, like we did, however I don’t suggest asking your waitress for a wine suggestion. Our question was greeted with the response, that she, “didn’t play that game.” When we finally picked the red, she told us that was the better house choice over the white.

There were so many good options on the handwritten dinner menu that it was very hard to choose! They even made sure to point out items that may seem vegetarian, but weren’t. I finally went with the gnocchi gorgonzola.

The sauce was very light, and the gnocchi was tender, but not heavy, making it a perfect dinner before a night of partying and networking. Prices were also very reasonable, especially for a New York City restaurant. My dinner was $11.95, and there was plenty leftover that had I been going home, would have made a great lunch the next day.


Pepe Giallo
253 10th Ave.
New York, NY 10001

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  1. what chutzpah!!! they added 20% gratuity on our bill … We would have preferred figuring out what we wanted to leave as a tip.. Did not think this
    was a good idea .. otherwise… nice.

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