Cruise Ship Fruit Salad

It’s cold, rainy and just very wet here in the Adirondacks, but the good thing is my backyard looks like a rainforest with lush greenery all around. It’s actually very nice, although I could do without the cold.

At the same time all this rain is happening, one of my relatives just arrived back from a cruise and was telling me about all the fresh fruits they were enjoying on the ship — mangoes, pineapples, cantaloupe. It got me craving a quick, fresh fruit salad.

I just grabbed what was in my kitchen, chopped it up and mixed it together in a bowl. It was so simple, and is making a perfect vegan breakfast.

Here are the fruits I used:

1-2 cups of cantaloupe
1 banana sliced
1-2 cups strawberries, cut into chunks or sliced
1 apple, cut into chunks


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