Busy Few Weeks & Exciting News

My apologies. I typically like to post something everyday, but the past two weeks have been very busy and I’ve slacked off on my postings. But, there were some things that had to get accomplished, leaving little time to write.

After two years, I finally finished painting the last room of my house.

It was spackled the summer after I bought my house, but it was the only room that never got finished for a variety of reasons. So, people visiting would end up staying in a room that had giant patches of white from where we filled in the holes. It wasn’t the greatest impression, but people understood.

I’ll be writing a DIY piece later this week, because an Adirondack Chick should know how to perform handy work, the same way they can cook a killer brunch. 🙂

In two weeks I’ll be speaking at an event where as presenters we can add something to the gift bags. I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted to add, but finally decided on magnets. Since I took so long to decided, I couldn’t get them commercially printed in time. But, with all the craft blogs out there to turn to for advice, the professional grade printer I was given as a present for Christmas and so many materials available at stores like A.C. Moore and Staples – you really can be your own print show. (minus how much ink costs! Really? When did it get so expensive?)

After crowdsourcing several designs, I picked one and proceeded to print and cut more than 200 magnets. I also did a few car decals. It was surprisingly easy and looked great. I’ll be sharing how to make your own magnets later this week.

The sunflower is not random clip art. It’s a sunflower I grew from seeds in my Adirondack garden.

And finally, the reason I’ve been super busy is that in addition to The Adirondack Chick and My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much, I’m launching my own media consulting business! While I’m working on a formal name — suggestions are welcome in the comments below, since everything I want is already taken — you can read about my services on my professional web page.

My philosophy is simple: Creativity + Leadership + Relationships = Success

As a consultant I offer a variety of media, social media, marketing, public relations and trade show services to business, individuals and organizations of all sizes. As a multimedia journalist, I’m available for freelance and contract assignments in the U.S. and abroad.

This also led to the need for new business cards ASAP. I say ASAP, because I was attending a networking event that none of my previous cards would have work for. Plus, I wanted a card that displayed all my brands, as well as my consulting business.

I hated all the pre-designed ones I found on the web, and while I’ve used Staples same-day service, I haven’t always been 100 percent happy with the results. So, I figured why not design something I liked and that really expressed me.

Like the magnets, this DIY project was made easy, because of the resources that are so readily available. You will see I used the sunflower again. The yellow catches your eye from a distance, and it conveys a fun, but traditional tone.

I know many of my blog readers are successful entrepreneurs, so I welcome any business advice you would like to share.

Have a great week, everyone! 

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