For Goodness Shakes From the Saratoga Specialties Company

I was excited to find a package of all this on my front porch!

These. Are. Awesome!

For Goodness Shakes from the Saratoga Specialties Company are flavor seasonings for potato chips, specifically Saratoga Chips. They also resolve many of my complaints when it comes to the crunchy snacks.

Available in six different flavors, including, Fire Roasted Garlic and Creamy Caramelized Onion, all you do is open the container and shake the seasoning on plain potato chips.

It’s a genius idea, because you can put as much or as little flavoring as you want. (This is always my pet peeve with flavored potato chips – they either have too much, or too little seasoning.)

I hate buying a bag of flavored chips, eating a handful and then putting them back in the cabinet and are never seen again until months later when I decide it’s time to clean out the cabinets.

But, with For Goodness Shakes you can have a variety of flavors without having to buy numerous bags of chips!

It also makes great party food. Just like a make-your-own taco, fajita or martini bar, why not try a make-your-own potato chip flavor bar at your next party? It’s so simple to do and will have your guests talking.

I put the Saratoga Chips, a variety of bowls and the For Goodness Shakes out on the table next to the cheese, fruit salad and dips during a recent party. Everyone was able to create whatever type of chip they wanted. Some friends even started mixing flavors to create some, well, interesting combinations.

After trying all the flavors my clear favorite was the Smokin’ Bold Barbeque, but several of my friends rated the Pub Ale and Sharp Cheddar as their top pick. I liked the barbeque because it had just the right balance of spice and salt, with neither being too overpowering.

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