Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Orlando, Florida

Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Orlando, Fla. has great food, amazing sangria, excellent customer service and a  wonderful atmosphere.

What really separates this restaurant from your typical one is that it’s also an artist’s space.

There are artists creating images all around you while you are eating and drinking, and almost all the art on the walls is for sale.

Oh, and did I mention they also have free WiFi?!

The restaurant was located behind my hotel, and since I needed to get some work done, I figured I would have a small bite to eat and a drink before heading over to Universal’s City Walk for a night of live music.

Well, I never made it over to Universal. The atmosphere, friendliness and well-made sangria was enough to keep me there all night.

Their sangria is made, and housed, in the large silver looking barrel you see to the left. So, no matter what bartender pours it for you, you always get the same great taste. It’s a little on the tart side, which I love, and doesn’t have a strong alcohol flavor, which makes the sangria go down easy — really easy.

The menu is just as diverse as the colors inside the restaurant, and has everything from gator bites and cayo hueso wings to prosciutto and mango flatbread and macadamia crusted mahi mahi skewers. I picked the roma tomato and goat cheese flatbread, which their menu describes as “shredded parmesan, roma tomato compote, goat cheese and basil oil.” It was de-lish! 

The basil oil was so impressive. It was almost like a pesto, but had more of an olive oil consistency. Keeping with the restaurant’s theme, it was served on a large artist’s pallet.

Their prices were moderate, and not too expensive either. I definitely spent less than I would have at another chain-type restaurant and had way better food and drinks.

I really can’t say enough about their customer service, being in the hospitality industry for years before my journalism career, I’m always astonished at some of the terrible customer service I receive at restaurants and bars. But, not this place — they 100 percent get customer service and understand it’s part of the overall dining experience. In fact, it was taking a little bit to get my flatbread, and they apologized multiple times. [And, it really wasn’t all that long!]

There is art everywhere you look, from the walls and the benches outside, to the artist in the hallway leading into the cafe and also on the outside of the building. I actually purchased a piece of art from the photos above. It was nice to see something you like, purchase it and also support a local artist. Something that can hang in my house to remind me of my trip is a much better souvenir than a t-shirt.

This place is a must stop for anyone visiting Orlando, and is looking for a unique dining experience.

For more pictures from our visit to Cafe Tu Tu Tango, visit our Facebook page.

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  1. Love the art..Cafe Tu Tu sounds like a great Orlando restaurant..if I ever get to Orlando, I'll have to check it out. I am going to Sarasota in a few months, but that is still about a 1.75 hr drive.

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