Saturday Morning Baking

Two of my friends, Janet and Jaimie, who also love to experiment in the kitchen are staying with me this weekend, and after having a rough week, Janet was nice enough to basically take over my kitchen, find recipes and cook.

We all raised our eyebrows to the thought of one of the recipes — banana salsa bread. She found the recipe on the Campbell’s Kitchen and it was fab!

We used a hot salsa and it you could definitely taste it a bit, but it wasn’t overpowering. The only thing that was a little bit hard was  cutting the bread because it was a little too brown on the top.

You can get the recipe for this from Campbell’s Kitchen.

The next feat was making mimosas without orange juice. All we had was some yummy mighty mango from Naked juice. So Janet decided to just try adding a little champagne to it, and oh my gosh, it was fabulous! it thinned out the juice and since it’s 100 percent juice it wasn’t that unhealthy 😉

Then we had some apples and pie crust we wanted to use up. So Janet looked up some apple pie recipes and found one for whiskey apple pie. The journalist in me went *ding ding ding*!

We tasted the apples prior to putting them int he pie, and they were very good – sweet with a touch of cinnamon. For this recipe visit Group Recipes.

It was so nice to have someone else doing the cooking for once! Thanks, Janet!

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