Nashville Hotel Review: Hutton Hotel in Nashville

The Hutton hotel in Nashville exceeded my expectations when I stayed their last week while on a business related trip. It’s very welcoming, the staff is extremely friendly and the rooms are modern and stylish without being stuffy.

When I got the confirmation of where I was staying, I immediately Googled the place and was surprised to see it was named to the 2010 Conde Nast Hot List, but after staying there for just a night, I could see why.  And, when I got there I learned it’s the hotel of choice for a number of celebrities when they’re in town.

Before my driver could even get around to open my door, a friendly hotel employee greeted me, and was ready to grab my bags. When you walk up the steps of the hotel, which slightly lean to one side, you are not greeted by a traditional front desk, but instead you can sit down and check in at an office-like desk. With plush couches, various art work and loft-like interior, you feel like you are walking into someone’s home. 

The rooms are large with ample working and entertaining space, as well as many, many electrical outlets in just the right places — like near the sink in the bathroom, both sides of the bed and a large four-plug outlet near the desk. (other hotels, please take note!)

What was very surprising was the late afternoon housekeeping service. I arrived, showered and left. When I got back around 7 p.m.,  the room was made, they had folded my clothes I left on the bed, gave me fresh towels and had cleaned the sink, as well as left water, mints, a robe and slippers. It was very unexpected since I usually tell hotels all I need is extra towels and no service.

My favorite unexpected part of the room was the shower — the water came down from a ceiling fixture that was almost like you were getting rained on. I totally want this in my house someday!

Additional photos of the Hutton Hotel can be found on our Facebook page. Thursday we will be posting our review of the hotel’s restaurant, 1808 Grille.

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