Bubble Lounge New York City

Want to impress a date? Go to the Bubble Lounge. Have a special anniversary coming up? Go to the Bubble Lounge. Celebrating a promotion at work or sign a new client? Go to the Bubble Lounge.

You get the idea — if you like champagne, have something to celebrate or just want to leave an impression on someone, check this place out.

I recently went to their location in the Tribeca section of New York City and cannot wait to go back.

The swanky decor, low lit lights and candle covered tables make for an intimate date, girls night out stop, classy party location or upscale client meeting spot. But, be prepared to spend some money – champagne by the glass starts at $15 and goes up to $24.

They do, however, run specials as well as participate in group coupon promotion sites like Groupon and Social Living — which is how we learned of the place. It worked out they had also had a sale, so between three of us for the cost of one drink each we got an entire bottle.

Some tips if you go:

*Ask the server to suggest a champagne. We each told the server our tastes and then asked him to suggest one that we would all like. He did, and we really liked. Plus, their champagne bottle menu is as big as a karaoke song list book.

*Don’t pour the champagne yourself. After our first glass we went to pour the next round, and the server came right over and poured it instead. They continued to make sure our glasses were never empty.

 * Make reservations and go a little later. We went about an hour after they opened, and although they immediately asked if we had reservations, the place had only a few people in it. But, the longer we sat there, the more people started to come in. From what I hear the place gets packed the later it is.

Bottom line, this place is classy and swanky, but also not stuffy. It’s not somewhere I can afford to go every weekend, but it’s definitely a place to go for special occasions or if you’re trying to impress someone.

Read-between-the-lines: dates who google me before we go out and find this article, you get major bonus points if you take me here… 😉  

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