Welcome to the Redesigned The Adirondack Chick!

Hi Everyone!

I’m so, super excited to share The Adirondack Chick’s new design! The photos at the top were shot by me in the Adirondacks (my garden and at The Sagamore to be exact), and you can now do some fun things you couldn’t before — plus (!) we finally have a logo!! And, a new tag line  – ‘City savvy, with Adirondack charm’

You will find links to connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as a button that will direct you to my RSS feed. Like what you see? Now you can also “grab my button”! (the html coding to the right)

Of course the design, logo, layout and other fun stuff was all done by The Pixel Boutique, who next month will also be redesigning my pet website, My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much. If you need a designer, check her out — she is amazing!

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