New Hope Winery – A Week of Wine

The next winery on Day 2 of our A Week of Wine featuring the Bucks County Wine Trail is the New Hope Winery.  Their winery was a less than 10 minute drive from the Tomasello Winery tasting room in Lambertville, where we were before and was super easy to find.

The store and tasting room is a restored 18th century barn that yells, “welcome,” from the moment you pull in their driveway.  The winery is not just a place to taste their unique wines, but also a gourmet food shop, live music venue and event space.

As soon as I pulled open the large restored barn door open and walked into the shop, I fell in love with the large chandelier in their doorway. The dimly lit barn with high ceilings is the perfect spot for a girls night event, or a fun date.

They have a variety of wine tasting options: $5 a person on weekdays and $7 a person on weekends – and you get to keep the glass. There were so many wines we wanted to try, my friend Janet and I kept trying each other’s wine.

I really liked the Chambourcin Reserve for it’s slight oak flavor, and Janet enjoyed their Niagara, a very sweet white wine. It also happen to be the Nouveau Release Weekend. I had never heard of the wine, but learned quickly it is a highly anticipated wine event. Nouveau is a lightweight red (wikipedia calls it purple-pink) with very little tannin, and cannot be kept for a long time. We were told it should be drank within a few months at the most.

The wine we both liked was one that puzzled me at first — Holiday Spice… served warm. When Janet told me they served it warm I thought she meant it wasn’t chilled. No, she meant it was literally hot, and I didn’t realize until I took my first sip.

Holiday inspired wines make me nervous because some have too strong of a spice taste for my liking, but this one was perfectly balanced and I immediately pictured sitting on my couch watching the snow come down the week between Christmas and New Years while sipping this wine and writing.

The concept of heating wine to drink and not use in cooking was brand new to me. The woman explained all you have to do is put the bottle with a slow-cooker with water on low. I was hooked! (especially since I don’t really like hot chocolate or apple cider, but am always looking for a fun and warm alcoholic drink to serve around the holidays.)

It just so happened the same day were there, so was a tasting crew from Cabot. We got to try a variety of cheeses, including some special reserve cheeses.

With lives music playing in the background, wine, cheese samples, and rustic feel of the place, it was so hard to leave the winery. I could’ve stayed there all day.

The icing on the cake, as they say, was noticing the large dog statue near the checkout counter with homemade dog biscuits!!! We immediately snatched up a bag, which came in handy two wineries later when we met a host of dogs.

Only regret? I don’t live closer to this place! If it was this fun on a Sunday afternoon, I can’t imagine how great it would be to attend one of their live music or other events they host.

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