Gluten-Free Christmas Desserts Everyone Enjoyed

The days leading up to Christmas are so hectic that I usually end up making cookies the week after Christmas than before. But, this year, since I was trying to eat gluten-free, I knew I should make one or two things I knew I could eat for dessert so I wasn’t tempted by the other cookies on the table.

There were so many good recipes to pick from, but I decided to try Live Gluten Freely’s  Easy Monster Cookies, as well as their Tom and Jerry Brownies. They were so good, and no one knew they were gluten-free. I put them down next to the rest of the Christmas treats and my family loved them!

If I’m cooking someone else’s recipe, I rarely post it here, unless I’ve modified it, but with these I followed them almost exactly, so you can click on the names of the dessert’s above to get the recipes. In the case of the brownies, I added a full 8 ounce package of cream cheese, because I wanted them to come out cheesier, and if I make them again I would omit the nutmeg. It was a little too strong.

The cookies, however were amazing. 

The peanut butter adds an extra layer of flavor and the Chex mix adds a crunch that had everyone asking what was in it.

I’m pretty snowed in, so off to do more baking and cooking!


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