Chaddsford Winery – A Week of Wine

Day 3, of our A Week of Wine featuring the Bucks County Wine Trail, focus on the Chaddsford Winery tasting room at Peddler’s Village.

It was the first time I had been to Peddler’s Village and we were running a little short on time, so we didn’t get to experience a full tasting, but did do the free featured wine tastings.

The tasting room is split into two areas – a store area that features floor to ceiling wine shelves filled with wine and accessories with a small tasting bar in the center, and then a reserve tasting room with a sit down area with a bar, table and chairs, where you can do more in depth wine tastings.

Here was a classic example of why having the ability to taste the wine before you buy it is great not only for the consumer, but also for the store. After tasting an apple wine at another winery, I normally wouldn’t have given their spiced apple the time of day. But, after trying it warmed, I absolutely loved it and ended up buying a bottle. It tasted just like warm apple pie fresh out of the oven — the exact taste I was looking for in a holiday, apple flavored wine. It wasn’t overly sweet and would make a fabulous after dinner wine, or to serve during the cocktail hour of a holiday party.

We didn’t get to spend much time here, or in Peddler’s Village, but I’m totally looking forward to going back, especially since during the warmer months, they have a great outdoor patio where you can sit and do some serious people watching. Plus, I’m looking forward to doing an extended tasting in the reserve tasting room!

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