Bucks County Wine Trail: A Week of Wine, Starting With Tomasello Winery

The weekend before Thanksgiving my friend Janet and I decided we wanted to go on a random adventure – get in the car and drive somewhere with a slight idea of where we were wanted to end up, but no specific plan in place. Since I follow, and always see tweets from, the New Hope Winery, in New Hope, Pa. we figured let’s make that our goal, and see what else is in the area.

While I filled up the car with gas, she researched the Bucks County Wine Trail and all the vineyards in a short radius. It was a little bit of a distance from where I happen to be that weekend, but it was so much fun, and totally worth the drive! We didn’t get to all the wineries on the trail, but for the next week we will be sharing with you photo, stories and tasting notes from each of the six we did stop at in our first A Week of Wine series.

Our first stop was actually in New Jersey — the Tomasello Winery at the Lambertville House {1 North Union St. Lambertville, N.J}

Located on a side, tree-lined street in the quaint little town of Lambertville, just before the Pennsylvania border, you could almost drive right past it (we did — and we had GPS…). The small, but dog-friendly shop with hardwood floors and floor to ceiling wine racks on the back wall, makes you feel like you are enjoying a private tasting at a winery far away from New Jersey. In addition to the wines, there are tons of wine related gifts for any wino in your family or circle of friends.

I’ve never been to their actual Hammonton, N.J.-based winery before, but I have tried their wines at various festivals in New Jersey. My favorite used to be their blueberry champagne, but that changed after this visit, since I tried several new wines. For $5 you get a number of tastings and to keep the glass — something my friends and I always enjoy.

One of my favorites that we tasted was the American Claret – a semi-dry red wine made from a blend of French hydrid grapes – Landot Noir and DeChaunac. It’s a little bit fruity, but not overpowering.

But, my favorite wine, had to be the blueberry forte. The blueberry, raspberry and cherry forte are a kicked up version of the Tomasello fruit wines and are made with brandy. According to the wineries website, Tomasello makes the base wine for the eau de vie and then sends it to a small distillery in upstate New York where they make the wines into a single batch pot still eau de vie. They send it back to the winery where they blend the appropriate amount of wine, residual sweetness and eau de vie.

On Day 2 of our “A Week of Wine” we will be featuring the New Hope Winery.

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